Friday, August 19, 2016


Pax Romana described the peace in the period when the Roman Empire had a monopoly on violence incorporating the various ethnic groups it had swallowed. When the empire broke apart, St Augustine was a Berber Christian Philosopher who influenced the idea of the Church as a spiritual City of God, as opposed to the cities of men. The same idea Muslim's have of the ummah - a supra-national community. Libya was filled by Berbers, Phoenician trading posts, Greek Colonists, Egyptians and Carthaginians before becoming part of the Roman Empire. The Spanish, Ottomans and Italians also had turns. It became an independent kingdom in 1951 until a military coup ousted King Idris in 1969 and a NATO supported Rebel uprising in 2011 toppled Gaddafi. Civil War continues with attempts to form a unity government. 

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