Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone surrounds the third largest natural harbour in the world. It has suffered from the 'Resource Curse' or 'Dutch Disease'. The discovery of Natural Gas in the Netherlands contributed to a decline of manufacture as the success of one sector made other products more expensive to other countries. Sierra Leone is rich in Diamonds. This can be a good thing like in Botswana, a stable democracy, or a bad thing if it leads to Civil Wars as people struggle for control. Sierra Leone was established in 1787 to settle freed slaves after the American Revolutionary Wars and the 'Black Poor of London'. Slavery in the British Empire was only abolished in 1807 so the early founders faced the risk of re-enslavement. Although 'free', it was a still a colony (independence came in 1961), and tools like the Hut Tax were used to manipulate the labour force away from subsistence just like in South Africa. 

Hut Tax War Leaders
Bai Bureh in Sierra Leonne

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