Thursday, September 15, 2016


Approximately 95% of the population of Cambodia follow the same religion - Theravada Buddhism. This is also the main belief in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The area was Indianised through connections along the silk road. Monks from Sri Lanka introduced Theravada Buddhism in the 13th century. At around that time, the Khmer Empire (802-1431) was the largest and most powerful in South-East Asia. Like many who only knew their world as the world - the Emperor declared himself Chakavartin ("King of the World", or "King of Kings"). For good or bad, our known world pulls from other worlds. From 1975, under the Khmer Rouge rule, Pol Pot replicated the Chinese 'Great Leap Forward' during which an estimated 1-3 million people lost their lives.

Chakravatin - Ideal Universal Ruler

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