Sunday, October 02, 2016

Swaziland (Malcolm)

It is the end of 1966 and I am sitting in the back seat of the family's 1962 Ford Zephyr Mk2 on the journey from Swaziland back to Johannesburg. I am sad and lost in thought. I am leaving a life behind not knowing what lies ahead. It was a good life in Swaziland. A peaceful life. A life lived on the farm, in nature and with all the time in the world.

Evelyn Baring High in Geodgegun has been my home and playground since 1959. It is a place of happy memories. I am leaving my first really serious girlfriend behind not knowing when I will see her again. I am leaving all my teachers behind who had taught me so many things. I think of Mrs.King who drove one of the first Mini's I ever saw and introduced me to the mystery and wonder of Greek Mythology.

An outpost of the British Empire, with soldiers arriving in 1964 to keep the peace as the transition to independence took place. But it was all so peaceful, as Swaziland always was. A peaceful place with tranquil peaceful days and jolly social events at the tennis club with dancing to the strains of Mrs.Hansen playing the piano and Mom and Dad in fancy dress outfits.

There was King Sobuzo the 2nd who had a house not much better than ours on the way to Hlatikulu. I rode past his house on a bicycle once. But now there is a Casino in nHlangano (used to be Goedgegun) and there is King Mswati who has lots of wives and lots of Ferraris and the old school has unpainted walls and broken windows.

Malcolm Black
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