Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Michigan is home to the big three US auto companies - General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Its population is just short of 10 million people, about the same size as Sweden or Seoul, South Korea. When Europeans arrived, the three largest indigenous tribes existed as a loose confederation of tribes called 'The Council of Three Fires' formed in 796 CE. As part of the Great Lakes region, it became a popular immigrant destination after joining the Union as the 26th state in 1837. The birth of the auto-motive industry at the start of the 20th century attracted migrants. By 1920, Detroit was the 4th largest US city. Massive growth continued through to the 1970s, around 20-30% per decade excluding the war years. Growth then slowed and the population decreased over the 10 years 2000-2010. 77% of the population is Non-Hispanic White with the four biggest ancestry groups being German (21%), Irish (11%), English (9%), and Polish (8%).

Election Results by Country (Red Trump - Blue Clinton)
Democratic Primary Results by County (Green Sanders - Yellow Clinton)

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