Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Emotional Cocktail

In Yogic philosophy, the three Gunas exist in everything. It is just the proportions that are different. Like an emotional cocktail with common ingredients, the specific mix can create a wide range of reactions to the same situation. Sattva (e.g. Constructive, Creative, Balanced, Harmonious), Rajas (Passion, Activeness, Confusion), and Tamas (Anxiety, Delusion, Apathy, Ignorance) are part of every interaction we have. Our food, sleep, relationships, environments, spaces and the objects we engage affect us. The concept is lost in translation, but 'quality' of being is close. Our influence on what happens is a combination of the path we are on, the choices we face, and both our intellectual and emotional responses. When it comes to emotions, the mix matters.

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