Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I believe in facts. I believe there are relationships that hold the physics, and chemistry, of the universe together in the way it exist. Some of these relationships are fragile, and changing. Some are longer lasting. Permanence is a something that by definition will remain an infinite unknown. Our attempts at understanding facts, and using facts, make use of the only tools we have. Human tools. Our understanding of facts can only exist in the stories we tell ourselves to understand how those facts affect us. Something that we believe is false can still have power if other believe it is true. So false can be real. Through a process of bold assertions, mistakes, and learning, our relationship with facts evolves. When we believe A and B, and we can't believe both... we feel uneasy. Cognitive Dissonance. Sometimes we have to choose. Because we are human, we don't always have to. We can take another step in a world we will never understand. A world that is complex, ambiguous, uncertain, and beautiful. 

Facts are relationships, and so are fictions.

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