Friday, January 27, 2017

Means Testing

Welfare States provide a support net to catch people, should they fall. If able to look after themselves, they are not targeted. Tests are applied to see if people have the means. Support focuses on the young, old, sick and those who are supporting others (e.g. parents and care givers). This means testing itself costs money. One argument for a Universal Basic Income is that the cost of the infrastructure to decide if people deserve help may be more than the cost would be to help everyone unconditionally. The basic nature of the income means traditional incentives remain in place for people to aspire to more. Means Testing is the opposite of a Job Interview. You have to prove desperation. Unconditional security means all people can look towards a future beyond panic. Replacing a conditional safety net with permanent buffer is a catalyst. Don't just support people in weakness... see their strength.

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