Tuesday, January 03, 2017

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A civilising mission sees progress as directional rather than relational. It views learning as a ladder rather than a holding of hands. It plots the rise of the barbarian to a higher state rather than seeing things for what they are. The Curse of Knowledge means it is incredibly difficult to unsee what you have seen. It becomes harder and harder for two people to communicate as the way they see the world diverges. Even if, in theory, you are on the same path, the path is always changing. The best way to learn is to find someone who is on the next page. The best running partner is someone who is keeping a similar pace to you, but a pace that keeps you honest. The truth doesn't lie at the destination, it lies in the people we surround ourselves with. Learning lies in building paths, not finding them. Don't lead or follow. See.

Find someone on the next page

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