Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tenuous Threads

I far preferred exams to tests and assignments. I see information more as a web of connections than a path. A big black space requiring tenuous threads to be shot across. The threads only gaining strength as they are slowly connected to other initially unrelated ideas. Gradually gaining the ability to catch new information as it arrives. In my third year of university, I failed an exam that meant I had to repeat an entire course. I did really well second time round, because I was able to learn by teaching smarter people one step behind. Just passing means you have a very tentative grasp. Failure is an opportunity for a deeper understanding. Courses are often designed by people who already understand the material. They have forgotten what it is like not to understand. Sometimes it is better for the blind to lead the blind. Instead of desperately clinging to a path by never making a mistake, we can gain comfort with the broader context. Comfort within the confusion. Moving forward together.

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