Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Get Stuff Done

Before we looked to Government to provide basic human rights as part of the social contract, we had to do it ourselves. Although for most of humanity, we have lived in material poverty struggling for basic survival, many of us have a natural instinct to support each other. Voluntary Associations (clubs, religious groups, charities) sprung up where need existed. One of the things that hold us back now is the sense that everyone, particularly those wealthier than us, should pay for this support. If they don't, we don't. We can't be so scared of free loaders or scrooges that we don't just get on with it. A downside of the welfare state has been that we think we have to vote for change. We think that if we lose a vote, the change we want won't happen. In liberal democracies, we are largely able to get stuff done if we are willing to find people who voluntarily want to help. Don't vote for change. Change.

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