Thursday, April 06, 2017

Macedonia (FYROM)

The Brothers Grimm formalised, and standardised, the German language by collecting folk tales. They discarded ones that overlapped too much with similar processes going on inventing French. When we look back in time to create National identities, forgetting whether the heroes killed or were our ancestors, the boundaries blur. 

Conquerors become Heroes. Empire Builders become National Icons. 

When the 'Republic of Macedonia' was admitted as a member of the United Nations, it was referred to as 'The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' (FYROM) because of a dispute with Greece. A distinct Macedonian identity emerged in the 19th and 20th century, having been part of various empires. Philip II reigned Ancient Macedonia from 359-336 BC defeating Athens and Thebes. His son was Alexander the Great - who after gaining control of the Greek City States pushed east all the way to northwestern India. His tutor was Aristotle. He died in Babylon, the city where he intended to establish his Imperial capital. The Greeks believe the Republic is appropriating symbols and figures that are part of Greek culture.

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