Sunday, April 09, 2017

Minimum Ownership

I am not a supporter of Minimum Wage and Living Wage requirements. I believe that basic minimums should be the responsibility of society, not of employers. Minimums ensure the game works. As a bare minimum for the rule of law to function properly, all members of society should be common owners. This is why I am a vocal student of, and supporter of, Universal Basic Income. UBI is a dividend on common wealth, rather than an expense. You can't make someone 'think like an owner'. You are either an owner, or a cost.  If you make labour a cost, it will be treated like other costs. Over time, the forces of economics push cog value down. Fight for minimum ownership, not of specific companies, but of society. That will make us all custodians with aligned interests.

You are not your labour
You are not a cog

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