Monday, May 29, 2017

Ditch the Ladder

You should never pay someone to do a task because you think it is 'beneath you'. It is fine getting machines or tools to do jobs that make our lives easier, but people are not inanimate objects. I do not support the idea of Minimum Wage for economic reasons. I think it restricts job creation, but equally I like the idea of Karma Yoga and Task Rotation. Don't pay someone to do a job you wouldn't do. Certainly don't feel good about it. Give them the cash if that is your true motivation. There are horrible jobs that need doing, sure, but make sure you take your turn doing them. Even if it is only some of the time. The people in my career, and personal life, I have respected the most are the ones who never stop doing their part when it comes to the horrible jobs. Even as they climb the ladder. Even as  they ditch the ladder. There is a world beyond archy.

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