Friday, May 26, 2017

Money Fights

Hating money is pointless. It is like hating numbers, or words, or companies, or countries, or any of the other figments of the imagination humans create in order to communicate with each other. What I do hate is money fights. Relationships that break down because of money problems. Those that say 'you should just do what you love and forget about money' were lying. You can only do that if you are incredibly privileged, and the money problem has been taken off the table. Most of us do what we have to. You can't monetise everything. A good idea is not a good business idea. Money making ideas require constraints. Barriers to entry. Competitive advantage. Defence. Attack. Money is an incredibly powerful communication tool in a world of scarcity. 

In a world of scarcity, you do what you must. 

In a world of abundance, the rules will change.

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