Thursday, June 22, 2017

Buffers v Engines

There are tight constraints on where the rules of money making work. Money is not an indication of value. Value is intrinsic, and deeply personal. Price is a clearing mechanism. Without interference, the only two things that matter are supply and demand. How much there is. How much is wanted. Parenting is the best example of this. You can't put a price on how much someone raising a child 'should' be paid. It is priceless and there is no market for it. I believe in creating buffers and engines

A buffer is a mini-engine or shock-absorber, that can't last forever, but can let you look up long enough for the panic to subside, so you can make better decisions

An engine is a muse. It can free how you spend your time from the rules of monetising. Not all good ideas are good business ideas. 

The shock-absorber and engine aren't the point of the car. They are however necessary in order to go on a journey. Sometimes we do what we have to do. Sometimes we do what we want to do. You can't always rage against the constraints. Understanding constraints is a better way of dominating them, so they don't dominate you. Build a Buffer. Build an Engine.

Then drive.

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