Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I live in the medieval town of Burford, in the Cotswold hills of Oxfordshire. After living in London from 2008 till the end of 2016, this is my introduction to building a life in England proper. London is more of an international city. So much so, I didn't really feel like I had left South Africa. It felt home to me, and to people from all over the world. A blended home. Towns are more single malt than blend. Burford is 29 km from Oxford. A Burh (fortified town) on a ford (crossing the Windrush river) with a population of 1,422. Towns are less transient. The intention being to build a home. There is a feeling when returning to Burford of escape. Rest. Comfort.  I am very much a Global Citizen and I love the discomfort of learning, but we also need somewhere to retreat to. A Burh where we feel safe. I treasure a few of those places in South Africa, this will become one here.

Opening the door in December 2016

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