Thursday, June 15, 2017

Red Tory, Yellow Tory

The Royal Oak under which Charles II hid 
to avoid capture by the Roundheads 
(supporters of Parliament in the English Civil War)

One of the reasons politics is so unappealing is the amount of insults that get thrown around. In a Partisan world that divides countries pretty much down the middle, that means almost half the country disagree. 'The People' seldom speak. If people in the ingroup even hint the other side may have a point, they get torn down. In the UK, Tory is the nickname for the Conservative Party. 'Red Tory' is used as a term of abuse by Tories who think someone is proposing Labour like policies, and by Labour supporters who think they are speaking to 'Conservatives in disguise'. When the Liberal Democrats formed a coalition government with Conservatives, many dubbed them 'Yellow Tories'. Compromise as a value is apparently an oxymoron. 'Shy Tories' are those who tend to keep quiet about their support of the Conservative Party because of the abuse that gets thrown at them when they speak up. Or 'the embarrassment' if you are one of those throwing abuse. They keep their opinions to the ballot box. Good people are divided by politics and religion for the reason that 'good' people think a good person would agree with them. One good to rule them all.

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