Monday, July 10, 2017

Perpetually 'On'

One of the best parts of my period of 'independence' was not having to check emails. My inbox was no longer my onbox that determined much of what I needed to do each day. I was able to wake up, and be micro-ambitious. One of my 'mini projects' was getting fit, and so I would pick a place to do my writing and walk to it. I would put on an audio book and head out. I felt super productive, even though I had far fewer big goals. Each day, I was a little fitter, and had learnt and shared a little something.

One of my key ambitions was to be 'the guy with time'. Available for conversation. I have a chip on my shoulder about how busy everybody is, and how much we super specialise.

I fully buy into the value of focusing on areas of 'Comparative Advantage' in a world of scarcity, but there have to be clear constraints. We can't be perpetually on. Perpetually available

In exchange for not being available for certain periods, you can be fully present when you are available. A friend described it as 'I would rather be 100% present 80% of the time, than 50% present 100% of the time.'

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