Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Elephant Chart

Two of the most important charts underlying my world view come from Max Roser and Branko Milanović. In many ways 'the establishment' has done a fantastic job at ripping the world out of some dark places. Max Roser's 'Our World in Data' gives evidence of the improvement in extreme poverty, basic education, literacy, democracy, vaccinations and child mortality. Being 'on track' is different from feeling on track. Milanović's Elephant Chart shows how the cumulative gain in real income was shared over the two decades up to 2008. The Poor Rich (B) have seen the Rich Poor (A) catching up, and the Rich Rich (C) steaming ahead. In a world of Global Apartheid, the Poor Rich still have a lot of political clout, and don't much care about foreign aid, immigration and people from elsewhere.

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