Thursday, August 03, 2017

Job & Identity

You are not your job. One of the key risks businesses focus on is reducing 'Key Man Risk'. A business, like a country or community, takes on an identity beyond any individual. One person should not put a whole business at risk. If you go back to a firm you worked at, over time you will know fewer of the people still there. The driver of capitalism is not profit, it is reinvestment. Instead of living 'hand to mouth', the hand is gradually transformed from your labour into capital. The capital can carry on working. I call this building an engine. Think of your job as an engine. Think of your salary as a dividend. A firm that pays out the full profits and reinvests nothing doesn't grow. That is the same as a person who spends their whole salary. If you can (1) get a good idea of what enough is, and (2) get control of your ins and outs, then with time you can set yourself up to stop living hand to mouth. Capital is Labour's lover. It sets our labour free.

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