Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ordinary Issues

The big issues facing most people I know are around where they live, who they spend their time with, what they are working towards, their health, and what dominates their thoughts. The ordinary. It is only in opening conversation that you realise how common some of the issues are. I am having Fertility difficulties - I hadn't heard the word Azoospermia till a test came back saying, 'all the tests were fine, except there is no sperm'. Speaking to friends, I then realised how many people were struggling. Mostly in silence. The stuff we talk about in public is filtered. We are scared of overshare. Our issues normally involve others, and we aren't sure if we have permission to talk freely. We tell our secrets to psychologists, religious leaders, lawyers and close friends on condition of secure confidence. How can we get the stories out in the open, without breaking trust? Most of what we experience has been experienced by someone else before. The specific mix will be unique, but the more we listen to and share with each other, the stronger our capacity will be to cope.

keeping our stories in containers

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