Thursday, September 21, 2017


Anxiety comes when we don't feel we have the skill necessary to meet the challenges we are facing. That, or we don't have the skill to meet ALL the challenges we are facing at the same time. 'It never rains, it only pours'. House moves, job moves, country moves, relationship changes, children, more children, no children, lost children - can all come at once. The way I experience anxiety is thoughts spinning in my head. Thoughts that don't progress. Just the same thought, again and again. The tension often moves to my muscles - tight shoulders, sore back, headaches. Anxiety for me is a complete loss of any sense of control. It isn't a solution, I still get anxious, but I find the five points of yoga quite helpful as an answer to, 'I just don't know what to do'. Back to basics - proper exercise, breathing, diet, relaxation and trying to still that spinning by calming the thoughts. Trying to press pause just long enough to get back up again. We cope.

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