Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hut Tax

People had lots of power in the Industrial Age because they were needed - as labourers and as soldiers. More people meant more power. In Scotland, Sierra Leone and South Africa - governments forced people out of rural lifestyles by introducing a Hut Tax. If you live in a world with no money, but have to pay taxes in money, you need to go out and earn money. The Bhambatha rebellion was fought because there weren't enough workers in South Africa. Ironically, now unemployment is at permanent and chronic depression era levels. As wars and work start requiring fewer people, one way to view a Universal Basic Income is as a reverse Hut Tax. The Inheritance from 200 years of specialising to create a richer world, but one in which we are less likely to be able to fend for ourselves (or be able to find a job).

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