Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Small Changes Need Time

If forever is your time frame, you could solve a lot of problems with little changes. Most of our actions are discounted by time value. The further things are away, the less they matter. That is why we have to rush. Get rich quick. Get fit quick. Get slim quick. Small changes need time. Small changes also love time. I would love everyone on the planet to receive a Universal Basic Income, paid by Community Wealth Funds. One way to do this would be to (1) pay myself one from my engine, (2) build a engine for one other person, and  (3) build an engine building engine. If you invest a monthly amount for 15 years at 5%, then you will have built an engine that can continue paying that amount forever. I call this 'Multiplying Marshmallows'. After 15 years, I would have two engines, and could build a third. Small changes create movement. Add time, and you have a dance.

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