Tuesday, January 30, 2018

North Korea

The Korean War was fought in 1950-1953. The North was supported by China and the Soviet Union, and the South by the United States. All of Korea had been ruled by Imperial Japan from 1910, but like the Iron Curtain in Europe, the spoils were split between the victors of World War II. North Korea was subjected to a massive bombing campaign, and the land war became one of attrition. No peace treaty has ever been signed. Sino-Soviet relations split because of doctrinal differences in interpretation of Marxism-Leninism influenced by national interest. From 1961 on Chinese Communism referred to Soviet Communism as "Revisionist Traitors". In 1972, Nixon was able to visit China to begin thawing that part of the Cold War. More than one million soldiers and civilians were killed in the Korean War. It is viewed as one of the first armed confrontations in the Proxy Wars (e.g. Angola) that complicated other issues like Decolonization and Nationalism.

Korean Demilitarized Zone

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