Wednesday, February 28, 2018


When 'Greece' fell to Rome, it wasn't an Empire but a bunch of independent city-states who did things differently. The Greek peninsula first came under Roman rule after the fall of Corinth in 146 BC. Roman culture was heavily influenced by the Greeks. Western Rome fell to the Barbarian tribes of the North in 476. Like the Greeks, the Germanic people were part of independent tribes rather than an Empire. In the year 800, King Charlemagne (of the Franks - a collection of Germanic people) revived the Imperial idea and started the Holy Roman Empire. Barbarian culture was heavily influenced by the Romans. Singapore is one of the few modern City States. Ironically, so is the Vatican City. Singapore was a colonial trading post of the British East India Company, and later part of the British Raj. In 1963, it federated with other former British territories to form Malaysia. Ideological difference saw it become a separate sovereign nation in 1965. The country took commerce, finance, and transport by the scruff of the neck and today has the 3rd highest GDP per capita of any sovereign nation (not based on natural resources).

1825 - Singapore Free Port

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