Friday, May 11, 2018

Personal Editor

One area I believe Artificial Intelligence could be very powerful is as a Personal Editor. Many discussions online suffer from boiling blood and personal insults. The aim is to win. Our memories are short. Our reasons often made up to justify a feeling. Our areas of interest wider than our areas of competence. Our Personal Editor could ask us questions, refine, collect, and challenge our opinions. Not in a 'you are a bad person way'. In a 'have you read this' way. The intent of editing isn't to tear down, but to improve. A Personal Editor could fact check things for us, and filter the stuff we read to the set of things that will challenge us in new ways rather than reinforcing our bubble. Thought Leaders often benefit from editing. We just see the cheerleading. We don't get to see the rough path they took to get to their views. Democratising intelligent editing would do as much for communication as the printing press.

Democratising Editing?

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