Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Problem Solving

Social Activism and Money Making have common ground. They are both essentially focused on Problem Solving. One is focused on what is wrong with the world, and the other finds value propositions. This is not right and I can fix it. The challenge is both are based on discontent, and neither will ever be finished. There will always be injustice in the world. There will always be needs and desires that mean what you have isn't enough. If you strip that discontent, the fear is that you lose action. You lose the incentive for change. I believe it is possible to choose a different set of incentives. To detach from the madness. Not because you don't care, or can't see the problems. In caring for the things you love, and in protecting the beauty that already exists, there is action. It is just quieter. Silence echoes.

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