Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Savour v Seek

Before the year 1800, the world was very different. There were less than 1 Billion of us. Although scattered around the world speaking different languages, our day to day lives were not that dissimilar. Different rituals, beliefs and ways of seeing, but we were mostly poor, illiterate farmers. One way to describe what has happened since then is massive, unsustainable, growth. In a world of farmers, idleness is a significant vice. You need every hand available to assist in the fight for survival. That deep-rooted driver to be 'doing something productive' - meant less conscious sitting, conscious breathing, conscious discussion. There was work to be done. We spent the last 200 years growing out of scarcity. Much of the work we need to do over the next 200 years will be growing into abundance. Learning to savour rather than seek.

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