Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Liquidity and Resilience

Never be a forced buyer or seller. Price (and salaries) are not a measure of worth. Price is a clearing mechanism. If you really have to sell something, the price is going to be much lower than if someone really wants to buy it from you. Value is deeply personal. Liquidity is the accounting measure for the 'availability of liquid assets', i.e. cash or things that are easy to sell quickly. Sometimes you have to pay bills when they come due. You don't have time to sell things for what they are worth. This is where Resilience comes in. The ability to deal with short-term knocks. The ability to respond to the things that are important now without putting at risk the things that are important always. This requires consciously building buffers. Not putting everything you have into every situation, so that when challenges or opportunities arise you are busy. So busy you put the things that matter at risk for the things that don't. So busy it kills you.

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