Thursday, July 05, 2018

Space to Learn

Some things take time. A lot of time. We marvel at how children learn, and yet forget just how much space and time we give them to learn. An adult who had a 10-year-olds mother tongue capacity would not be considered fluent. That is a decade of learning! But the 10-year-old becomes an adult and slowly the flavour is added to the foundations. One of the obstacles to adult learning is we know about the idea of flavour. Once you are a specialist at something, we expect that Halo of competence to spread. Like we are 'essentially' a Specialist. Better than others. That makes us less willing to be rubbish at things. To build new foundations. The pressure from others to demonstrate progress. To be conspicuous about our development. Some things take time. Some growth is internal. I would love to see us give the kind of love and space we allow children, to each other. To ourselves.

Shallow Foundations - House
Deep Foundations - Skyskraper

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