Monday, August 06, 2018

Financial Security

I studied money because I hated money. Hating money is pointless, because it is not a thing. What I really hated was the fights money caused, how it distracted people from other things, and how it seemed to constrain me. Studying money was a way of controlling it, so it didn't control me. So it didn't control those I loved. Fortunately, I am curious and love people and how we connect. Making money is effectively problem-solving. I enjoy that. One problem that needs solving is that we need money to survive. However, not everything is a problem. People are not problems that need solving. Achieving Financial Security allows you to move beyond problem-solving. Financial Security lets you breathe, and observe. It empowers listening. Money making is transactional. Life building is relational. The way things are... we have to start with Financial Security. Then, the world opens up...

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