Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Straight Lines

Nature doesn't do straight lines. Life is incredibly noisy, and we don't know what we don't know. So how can we possibly plan? Plans are often way too specific. Life explodes out on multiple paths as plans crash into reality.

I like the idea of separating the Fixed and the Flexible. The Basic and the Bonus. Nature doesn't do straight lines because they aren't fun. They also aren't resilient. Strength comes from regular small mistakes that adjust to the new learnings. Weakness comes from the apparent strength that "always" copes, then snaps dramatically. But we need those straight lines for our own inner strength. Our grounding. Our roots. Our place of calm to run to when things are overwhelming.

So plan for the Fixed. Plan for the Basic. But, then build a buffer between the underlying certainty and the fun. Take Financial Security as an example. If you can build an Engine that pays you a secure Basic Income... then you have your underlying straight line from with which to play. Financial Security then allows you to play in your new found space of freedom. To create time and opportunity. If you are uncertain about meeting your basic needs, then there is no space for mistakes. With no space for mistakes, there is no space for learning. With no learning, there is no progress.

Freedom and Fulfilment come in the space of play. In the flexible. In the bonuses. Plan, but plan small, plan basic. Then play.

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