Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Training your Elephant

Shallow learning is when you force feed your Elephant, and then it goes round the corner and gets rid of it. Would you pass your school exams if you sat them now? We value Conscious Knowledge, but our Elephants are actually way smarter than us (if by us we mean the narrating Riders in our heads). Smarter, if we feed them slowly. The Rider takes the credit and explains away mistakes, but the Elephant does the doing. The Elephant absorbs and processes. The Elephant has the intuitive genius. The stuff that appears magical to us... because it requires no conscious thought. Like walking. Like talking. Like the basic tasks that impress us so much when babies learn them, but that we only remember are really complicated when we get injured. Don't force feed your Elephant. Train it. Slowly.  Patiently. Every day. Consciously. Then let go, and be amazed by the magic that compounds.

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