Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Daily Practice

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson is a World Champion Poker player. He was asked what percentage of poker is luck. He believes any given hand is 99% luck. Any given game is 90% luck. Any given year is 10% luck. Any given hand doesn't matter very much at all. It is how you play that matters. Even if you win a hand, it is a problem if you played the hand badly. I believe the same is true of what we do. What we do any given day doesn't matter very much. What we do every day matters a lot. Growth is cumulative. Growth compounds. Our intuitive, sub-conscious abilities, are the product of daily practice. What we repeat every day becomes who we are. The way we react every day, becomes an automatic behaviour. Autonomy isn't about any given decision. Empowerment isn't control of every outcome. It is about stepping back, breathing, and seeing how you make decisions. Why you make decisions. Then taking control of your Daily Practice. 

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