Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All the president's men

Blogging on topics of interest seems to have a touch of danger attached. Like the dinner table, it is dangerous to bring up sex, religion or politics.

But there in lies the juice.

There is lots that goes on in my head that I am scared to put down on paper. Not even in my journal, because (as I so often talk about) privacy is a thing of the past... and whatever you communicate in any way, shape or form is likely to get out in the open at some stage nowadays.

Someone will read it. Someone will take it out of context.

But... if you don't write down or process your thoughts (the only things that stay free as a wise person once told me)... it becomes difficult to progress.

That being said... what are my thoughts on the political goings on in SA?

So is the sign of a mature democracy when power can be handed over peacefully? Well, in a way we are seeing that in South Africa. The King and all (read a third) of his men have stepped down peacefully this week.

But... if say, Thabo's crew form a new party... one which could credibly pose a threat to Zuma's ANC, are we at the stage where issues would be discussed peacefully or will our elections turn violent?

Talk of a `mature' democracy sounds awfully condescending, like Africa has to `progress' to reach the levels in the West. But (and this is why I prefaced this post) South Africa is not yet a mature democracy. I think it is difficult to have a mature democracy where poverty and crime are rampant.

Perhaps 30 more years of stable one party rule would actually do the country good if in that time crime and poverty were alleviated to the point where people could start thinking about `issues'.

`Issues' are less important on an empty stomach with a gun in your mother's face.

I think the fact that the process has been peaceful so far is a good sign. The comments from the ANCYL on the other hand often scare the life out of me.

hmmm, interesting times.
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