Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pick a Box

I have given many friends a good giggle over the years as I stand, hand clasped to my chest, belting out the national anthem as the Boks prepare for battle.

Recently people have been spared my rousing renditions. After the Xeno-attacks earlier in the year, and good points made by my birthday girl sister-in-law, I started to question blind patriotism. I still love South Africa, and consider myself South African but in the same way that I consider Kwa-Zulu Natal, and Westville a part of who I am.

But... more and more I think that it is important to avoid classifications.

Saying you belong to a political party, or are a conservative or a libertarian, or classing people by nationality... is particularly inhibiting.

Even classing yourself by your own opinion is inhibiting.

For the simple reason that even if your box is custom made, you may feel the need to defend the principles of that box.

In fact, we should be trying harder to find the holes in our own box.

Easily said, and labels and boxes seem to make life easier. But wouldn't it be great if we were able wake up every morning and look at the world with fresh, brand new, independent eyes... and figure out the best way forward?
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