Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Spreading

I was visiting some friends I have known for years this weekend. At one point, the one friend said maybe I should become a motivational speaker. I always had a deep distrust of motivational speakers as being fakes who can just capture an audience, give them a high and then a few weeks later people go back to what they are.

Problem is that since I started blogging, reading more, and follow what the world of technology has to offer in terms of spreading ideas... my conversations tend to be more and more like that.

I often find myself talking about blogging, social networking, reading, writing and presenting like I am some sort of paid distributor (which I am not).

I guess I just feel this amazing buzz like we are on the threshold of a whole new explosion of human energy. We are learning to communicate and interact on a whole new level. Ideas are being released and I feel like this is just an incredible time to be alive.

I do want everyone to join facebook
I do want everyone to write a blog
I do want everyone to live where they want
I do want everyone to spend time with the people they love
I do want everyone to work on things they are passionate about

The world is changing... fast.

Exciting Times.
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