Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fed v Rafa

I had pretty much stopped watching tennis till the FedRafa rivalry began. Partly because of Stuart's largely bitter and twisted adulation, I started watching it more and more. True, the ladies I watched it with tended to prefer Rafa for completely rational reasons that had absoutely nothing to do with his biceps and short shirts.

In a way, I wish I hadn't because dealing with the Sharks, Boks, and Proteas has given me enough heart palpitations... but I won't lie, I would really love it if we could get a few more of those epic matches (without last set Fed capitulations).

I like them both... but think it would be really really awesome if Fed could take the French from Rafa this year.

I didn't watch Fed's recent clay victory over Rafa, and the best do have off days... but hopefully it bodes well for a great French open.

Come on Rog!
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