Friday, January 22, 2010


"There is grandeur in this view of the world"
I have been very much looking forward to seeing Creation starring Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin. I was surprised to see it on the DVD store shelf while just across the road it was showing at the cinema, so watched it with the idea that it was obviously going to be really bad... i.e. made for DVD. But it wasn't, it was great.

It is the story of the inner turmoil of a mans fight as he realizes that something he has been taught since birth disagrees with everything his inquiring mind is telling him. But more than that, it is the story of what happens when choosing the truth means having the courage to go against everything the world is saying is true, and against what those you love believe is true.

We owe a lot to people like Galileo, Copernicus and Darwin in having the will power to come up with truly world changing theories that shattered the way people had seen the world before.

What I like from the movie though, is a clear distinction between religion and faith.

I have a lot of faith. But my faith is in people. My family, close friends, a belief that in general the world is moving in a positive direction and an optimism that despite the fact that the world is a very very random place, we have it within our own grasp to fight for the happiness of ourselves and those who we love. I think this is a grand faith.

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