Monday, June 07, 2010

A Black Guitar

Despite the man partly responsible for my learning where Middle C on a piano is going, 'Oh no......' on hearing of my purchase of a guitar, I am quite chuffed. I know nothing about how to play it, but I am looking forward to the ride. I have written before about fighting through discomfort and have become a bit of a discomfort junkie.

Being able to look back on periods of not having a clue, and plodding along till you do is a great feeling. But of course... I am not doing this for the already sore fingers or to destroy the eardrums of unsuspecting neighbours. I actually want to be able to play.

The push over the line to buy the guitar and get cracking was a combination of last weekend in Paris, some live music at The Half Moon in Putney and a rumbling that has never quite quietened.

We'll see... Exciting times.

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