Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Why blog?

I started blogging around 4 years ago. I only really started blogging regularly about 2 years ago. Once I got into it, in my dream world I pictured a whole bunch of friends doing it too. By blogging myself, I was always thinking about what to write next. The main idea was that I didn't want to write about myself in a personal sense, but rather to write about the ideas that were exciting me at any time. Just the fact that I planned on writing regularly seemed to feed ideas as I would be trying to think of what to write next.

Along the way I have tried to convince others to blog. At times I have probably erred on the side of blogevangelist and perhaps scared and scarred some people. Hopefully they forgave my enthusiasm. I would have to rank my attempts as pretty poor though since the majority of those who started them wrote only a handful of posts before stopping. My first 2 years of blogging were much the same. The thinking that got me to write more is explained in the post that ended the rot... "scared?"

Basically it was about not being scared of writing. Just deciding to write something and doing it. Writing regularly. Some posts are rubbish. Some posts perhaps make you look like an idiot. Some make you look like a narcissist. Some strike a cord.

Along the way, the person who inspired me to start, stopped. So my grand plan of everyone writing a regular brief post on what they are thinking, reading, dreaming, doing or being is really going backwards.

But I can dream.
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