Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Habits

I have recently returned from a month long Yoga course. It is the second of its type I have done and on both occasions I have come back feeling awesome. Life is not as controlled an environment as I was in, and the challenge is adjusting back but keeping some of the good habits. Life is a collection of habits after all. When we repeat things, we start doing things automatically so we can focus on other things. Stating the obvious, it is easier to keep good habits in environments that lend themselves towards good habits.
"Those who showed the greatest self-control reported more good moods and fewer bad ones. But this didn’t appear to linked to being more able to resist temptations — it was because they exposed themselves to fewer situations that might evoke craving in the first place."
Read more: (HT - Marginal Revolution)
I have written posts before about attempts to create simple good habits like making my bed and eating more fruit. On those two accounts, I continue to be atrocious. When I came back from the first Yoga course, I tried being a weekday vegetarian to cut down my meat intake. I lasted about 6 months but then fell back into my normal routine.

My plan now is to try adding things rather than consciously taking away. To try and create new habits rather than trying to stop old ones. Part of that plan is in cooking. I am going to try making healthy cooking a hobby. Perhaps the simple act of being excited about learning a new meal will reduce the habit of curry and pizza.

Let's see.

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