Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy Social Media

How should we deal with honesty in social media? While it has allowed us more information about what is going on in the world - we are still only really willing to accept good stuff or depersonalised bad stuff. The news is full of explosions, war, celebrity gossip and trauma. Some stop watching the news believing it sensationalises things - we are drawn to car wrecks. But when it comes to social media we are different. Happy travels. Sad, we don't know how to deal with. No one likes a 'life sucks' status update. My own interpretation is that this is because we are impotent to respond properly. A like doesn't work. Neither does commenting 'whats wrong?'. I think it is ok that our social profiles get dressed up. Our full selves will only and can only be shared with a few. Hopefully close by.

Perhaps it is up to artists to touch nerves, and convey angst and other difficulties to get the balance.
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