Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lives in Parallel

At school you do everything. Maths - bring it on. Biology - ok. Athletics - hmm, show me how it works. School Play. New instrument. Waitor. Then one day you get told to grow up. You get told to choose. This makes sense but it sucks. We have to stop playing because we need to work. To work we need to specialise. So we choose.

One friend becomes a Doctor and stops acting. One friend becomes a life insurance salesman and stops painting. The creative guy who loves people becomes a Doctor and ends up after years of study tired of Medical politics.

And by letting go of things we love we live in parallel. We go off on different directions. We make new friends. We experience new things. But our new friends do what we do, and often think like we think. The gap from our old friends may not be that far, but we cut ourselves off from trying because with time and specialisation we forget our common ground.

How long would it really take to find common ground? We don't know. Our default isn't to be open to learn. Our default is to just accept the way it is. Time is limited so we choose.

Kids don't choose. They play. They explore. They fail. They succeed.

Kids rock. Just saying.
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