Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ironing Out The Ugly

Some thoughts. Some things. Some people are beautiful. It is not a question of proving or disproving this. There are elements of beauty like rhythm, consistency, symmetry or the emotional response they cause that can let you discuss whether you think something is beautiful or ugly - but it is a sense. Unless you are looking for marks based on a rule based techniques - you can't be right or wrong. You can have ideas or make something that doesn't subscribe to the rules of a certain type of beauty, that may work for another kind. One kind of beauty can have conflicting rules. Problems that the leaders of that school of beauty iron out as the school evolves.

Some thoughts. Some theories. Some predictions are interesting. Science is an example. It was Karl Popper who said that if you can't state something in a way that it can be proved false, it isn't Science. A Scientist should always be able to state all their beliefs in such a way. That is what makes the belief interesting. Science doesn't have schools of thought. If two ideas conflict, at least one is wrong. Sorry.

Artists, Musicians, Priests and Poets don't have to risk being wrong. But they can also evolve - they can also iron out the ugly. They can also have reformers, revolutionaries and visionaries who push us to see the world in a new way.

Both beautiful and interesting things aren't static.
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