Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mozambique (Rob)

Sunny beaches and blue Ocean.
Don’t forget the factor 50 lotion.
Dolphins swimming, fish and chips
Holidays and great road trips
Scuba diving, coral reefs
Sailing boats with bright motifs
Friendly people, the odd road block
Local time... who needs a clock.

Portuguese history, and civil war
Potholed streets, and a broken door
Rampant poverty. Raw Materials
Are the Chinese their new Imperials?

Piri piri cashew nuts
Soccer fields, and tidy huts
Smiling selfies, Awesome tweets
Children running shouting “Sweets!”

Relax your bod, calm that brain
I can’t wait, to go back again.

Rob Grave
We lived and studied together at Smuts Hall, University of Cape Town
'Smile & Go Seek' by Rob 

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