Monday, August 15, 2016

Work and Love

Taking money off the table allows people to focus on other motivators. Like someone who eats only raw vegetables being able to taste the sweetness and subtleties in flavour they had missed. 

I am a Capitalist in the purest sense of the word. Capital is better at working than Labour, because Labour is priceless. Hunger, fear, and need are all sticks to get people to be active and controlled. Money is fantastic at sating these. Like salt, fat & sugar are great at creating bursts of flavour. The real flavours lie deeper and hidden, and require the taste buds to develop sensitivity. We don't miss the flavour in carrots because it isn't there, we miss it because we swamp it with sugar. We don't get injured by running because of running, we get injured because we were sitting too much. People don't lose their sense of meaning when they retire because there isn't meaning outside of work, they lose it because they didn't build meaning outside of work.

Once we let our Capital do the work, our Labour can be directed towards building relationships and communities. It can be directed to sport, music, drama, art, and thought.

Let Capital work so we can Labour for Love.
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