Wednesday, September 14, 2016


There are just seven* remaining one party states - China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Eritrea, Sahrawi* and Laos. I hate the politics of polarisation in modern democracy where entrenched parties force division. Lenin banned factions in the communist party at the 10th party congress.  The American Founding Fathers did not intend for politics to be partisan either. Madison was worried about factions grouping to pursue their self-interests at the expense of the greater good. After a long post French Independence Civil War, Communist Forces prevailed in Laos with one party in 1975. One party states enforce discipline. Laos is ruled by Military Generals. All around the world we are still learning to be able to disagree while not clumping. To tease out ideas without forcing others to agree, and to realise that we are still on the same side.


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